Spruce Up Your Home Office

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Spruce Up Your Home Office


According to 360 ezine, a small workstation can work just as well as a larger one. Their space-saving tips include:

• Make maximum use of space with shelves, overheads and towers, nesting pedestals and tables.

•  Going up? If your real estate is limited, make good use of vertical space with towers, overheads bins, shelves and hanging pencil cups, paper clip trays, etc.

•  A side table extends your work area and helps keep your main work surface free of clutter.

•  Two-for-one: A mobile pedestal can double as a visitor seat with the addition of a seat cushion.

Writingcorner.com adds their two cents:

•  Use a lateral filing cabinet as opposed to a standard vertical cabinet. Lateral cabinets hold more files.

•  Store older files and research away from your office space. Box, label and store the files in another room or closet.

•  Only keep current projects on your desk. Use stackable file trays for easy access and to save space.

•  Use a dry erase board to track assignments, i.e. what's due and what's finished. Customize it to fit your needs.

•  If possible, store only the supplies needed in your office space. Store extra supplies in an accessible closet or under your bed